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Has your commercial property or house flooded recently due to a bad storm, a leak in the roofing system, or maybe an flooding appliance? If so, you need a qualified water restoration company to assist you. For a restoration company who can supply water damage repair, removal, restoring, and cleanup for residential and commercial building owners in Heath, TX, turn to the technicians at Rescue Restoration. With our decades of background, we realize that a crisis that involves a flooding home or commercial building can be very tough and scary for individuals who are going through it. In situations like those, it may feel as if there is nobody who can fix it or assist you. Our water restoration business provides residences and commercial properties with exceptional service that is able to get their property in excellent shape, their possessions washed, and remove sitting water, rotten wood, and mold from structures.

To get your home or business restored and looking better than ever, we equip our skilled and qualified technicians with hi-tech machinery that include dryers, dehumidifiers, water extractors, and diagnostic tools to locate, extract, and restore your property. Clients will not only get exceptional and helpful water restoration services, they will also have our team of specialists assisting them each step of the way. From the first tentative evaluation of your commercial building or residence, to the final testing service, we will make sure our role is a calming and helpful one, decreasing any stress you might be experiencing. A water restoration company should deliver fast response times, effective restoration and removing, and also thorough and complete cleanup services, and customers will have that with Rescue Restoration. Needing a Heath, TX water restoration company? Call our technicians now at 214.592.0404; if you require urgent assistance with a water emergency, we are the team to call!

Water Restoration Services We Supply

Our restoration company wants nothing more than to have our commercial and residential customers to have their property in great condition, that is why we supply various water restoration services to choose from. Regardless if you need water removed from your residence or your commercial building cleaned, our services focus on each of these things.

  • Commercial Water Damage CleanupCommercial Water Damage Cleanup Is your commercial property needing water cleanout and removal in Heath, TX? Contact our company immediately for 24/7 assistance!
  • Flood DamageFlood Damage Does your business or residential property have flooding damage? Our water restoration company are able to deliver repairs!
  • Flood RestorationFlood Restoration If you need your house or business cleaned or fixed up following a flood, we are the company to call.
  • Flooring, Carpet, & Pad DryingFlooring, Carpet, & Pad Drying With our floor, carpet, and pad drying service, we guarantee your floor is in good condition and will not be prone to mold.
  • Mold RemediationMold Remediation Because mold is a serious problem that can affect your wellness and property, it’s crucial to contact a company who supplies expert mold remediation; call our water restoration company now for our fantastic mold removal and cleanup.
  • Mold TestingMold Testing With high-tech identification tools, we are able to detect, classify, and rid your residence or business of hazardous mold infestation.
  • Rainwater and Stormwater CleanupRainwater and Stormwater Cleanup We can combat major stormwater infiltration in your home or office with our company’s rainwater and stormwater cleanup service.
  • Residential Water Damage CleanupResidential Water Damage Cleanup Ensure your residence is secure from mold infestation and structural damage by calling Rescue Restoration for residential water damage cleanup for your Heath, TX residence.
  • Rescue Restoration Sewage Removal & CleanupSewage Removal & Cleanup When you are coping with a wastewater overflow, it is critical to call an expert cleanup and removal business who has the knowledge and qualifications.
  • Sheetrock and Wall Water Damage CleanupSheetrock/Wall Water Damage Cleanup Whenever you want a proficient and dependable company to handle your residence or office sheetrock and wall water damage cleaning, contact Rescue Restoration now.
  • Standing Water Removal and CleanupStanding Water Removal & Cleanup If your residence or building has recently flooded and there is still water in your property, we will be there quickly with stagnant water removal and cleanout service.
  • Water and Structural DryingWater and Structural Drying For water and structural drying for your home or commercial building, the water restoration technicians are available to help you.
  • Water DamageWater Damage Any water damage you have, we have the skills and tools to repair your residence or business.
  • Water Heater Burst CleanupWater Heater Burst Cleanup When you are dealing with feet of water on the floor because of a busted water heater, call us to receive cleaning and extraction service.
  • Water RemovalWater Removal When you want water removal service for your home or commercial building, call our specialists now.
  • Water Seepage & Broken Pipe Water Damage CleanupWater Seepage & Broken Pipe Water Cleanup It doesn’t matter if your house or office drain pipe has cracked and is seeping all over the floor, our technicians are able to deliver 24/7 cleaning and removal services for homeowners and commercial customers.
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We can can achieve wonderful results for our clients by delivering several advantageous services. We will not only leave your residence or commercial property in great shape, we are 100% optimistic our services can meet every one of your expectations. When you require an experienced and accommodating water restoration company in Heath, TX, call Rescue Restoration now at 214.592.0404 for any water emergency you may have. We offer 24/7 help to our clients, so when you are in a position where you need immediate assistance, our our water restoration company will be right there.

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Our technicians can repair, refurbish, and cleanup any home or commercial building’s water damage, no matter water damage you have. Our technicians believe that each and every one of our clients deserves the very best, that is why we handle every job with the optimum care and workmanship. When you are dealing with a small floor leak or an entire room is flooded, our technicians can manage it, no matter how big or severe. Our specialists will do everything in our power to make this situation a lot more simpler for our customers; we realize how overwhelming it can be, and we are here to help. Our client’s security, health, and homes and businesses are important to us, so we make it our top focus to provide water restoration services that are quick, efficient, dependable, and durable. For a water restoration company in Heath, TX that is able to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, contact our technicians now at 214.592.0404.