Prevent Ice Dam Damage this Winter

Water damage can come from a number of sources and cause many types of damage. In winter, snow and ice can become a major factor in many potential types of water-related damage. Ice dams, for example, pose a threat to your home, roof, and attic. You could end up needing water damage restoration services if you don’t try to prevent ice dam damage this winter.

Ice Dam Basics

Snow and Icicles on Roof Edge

Prevent Ice Dam Damage this Winter.

An ice dam is a buildup of ice at the edge of your roof. It is usually the result of improper roof ventilation that leaves the attic and roof too warm. Thus, water on the roof melts until it hits the edge, where it freezes again, preventing water from draining properly. Water collects behind the dam and has to go somewhere. So, it goes into the roof, home, and attic.

Ice Dams and Water Damage

What this means is that water collects in place where it shouldn’t. That excess moisture causes all kinds of damage–wood rot, mildew and mold, and more. Your insulation could be ruined. The costs of repairing this sort of water damage may be expensive, too.

To prevent this, roof and attic insulation must be consistent. The heat in your home rises; if you don’t have proper insulation, the attic and roof will become too warm, starting the cycle that creates roof dams. You should have a professional inspect your attic and roof for proper insulation and ventilation. Those two things are the primary defenses against ice dams.

Prevent ice dam damage this winter, and if you see excess water of any kind, always call us at 469.626.9516 for water damage restoration services.