Prevent Water Damage in Fall and Winter

When fall and winter arrive, you put on the warmer clothes and head out to enjoy the changes in the season. What about your home? There are lots of changes for it, too, and it is worth trying to be ready. Prevent water damage in fall and winter this year with these tips. If you find you need water damage restoration in Texas call us at 469.626.9516.

Brown Dead Leaves Collected on Ground

Prevent Water Damage in Fall and Winter and Call Us for Help.

Tips for Preventing Water Damage in Cold Seasons

Clean your gutters regularly. Those leaves that build in your gutters are weighing the system down, which hurts your roof, too. Plus, those leaves gather moisture, which can cause a number of problems, including roof rot, excess water around your home, mildew and mold, and more. Make a plan to clean your gutters this fall to prevent water damage to your roof and home.

Watch out for ice dams, too. If your have ice dams, it could be a sign that your attic is not well-insulated. When snow on the roof melts, it can cause an ice dam. Melting snow and ice can also cause a number of water-related damage in and around your home. Make sure that all melting ice and snow drains to the proper place–away from your home.

Prepare your outdoor faucets, hoses, and sprinklers. When water freezes in your pipes and faucets, it expands and causes cracks, and even bursting. Replace your outdoor faucets with freeze-proof faucets. In some cases, you can prevent water pipe damage by letting them run just a little overnight. However, in many cases, it’s best to make sure they haven’t been run recently, and turn them off altogether so there’s not excess water in the pipe to freeze.

Prevent water damage in fall and winter by calling Rescue Restoration at 469.626.9516 and letting us help you.