Signs You Have a Sewer Line Problem

Sewer Line Problem

A Compromised Sewer Line Can Cause Serious Problems.

Issues with a sewer line are easily one of the messiest problems a homeowner will confront. They can also become a huge pain in the neck, as your sewer line represents a crucial stretch of plumbing. To avert the likelihood of a sewer line issue, call a trusted plumber at the first sign of trouble. The following issues both reveal the presence of a sewer line problem.

Slow Drains

Your sewer line connects to every other drain in your house, as it provides for the removal of waste into the municipal sewer. If you begin to notice that every drain in your home functions slowly, or not at all, then you have a sewer line issue that requires immediate resolution. The presence of a clog or other obstruction in your sewer line prevents the easy passage of waste. This will manifest as slowly operating drains throughout an entire household. It can also presage the overflow of waste into your home.

Unusual Lawn Appearance

If your lawn suddenly appears soggy, or if a specific area seems much greener than others, then you likely have a leaking sewer line. As your sewer leaks into your yard, the waste can act as a fertilizer. On the one hand, this encourages a greener lawn; unfortunately, a leaking sewer line will also emit bad smells and serve as a health hazard. The leaking waste can also serve to lure insects and rodents. If you suddenly find yourself the target of an infestation, you can probably blame your sewer line.

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