Stormwater Damage and Restoration

After major storms, homeowners hope that they don’t have any water damage. If the storm was severe, you hope any damage is mild. If you’re standing in the wake of stormwater damage, you’re probably stressed, but you can find relief. Take a few steps to examine the overall damage, and then call us.

Inspect the Water Damage

Sandbags Blocking Floodwater

Stormwater Damage and Restoration

The water damage can sometimes go deeper than you can see. Even if the water rose recently and is in your home, that doesn’t mean your foundation has been spared. Check what you can see of your foundation for chips and cracks. Watch for any structural signs of warping or shifting.

Take a look at your drainage outdoors. If you have restoration done indoors, but your home’s exterior is still affected, then your home and foundation could still develop problems. If water is still collecting around your home, you may need landscape drainage help, too.

Check for mold. If the water damage is very recent, there may not have been time for mold to develop. However, it’s better to know so that you can handle it immediately. Be ready for all water restoration services that you will need, including eliminating mold.

Start the Restoration

You can start making things better by using simple tools at home to start drying. Use fans, AC, ventilation, and dehumidifiers until your water restoration services can reach you. You can take out furniture and other items to dry, and find out what things you need to throw out.

Of course, before any of this happens, you need to have good insurance, too. Even if flooding isn’t common in your area, flood insurance is still a good idea. When you need stormwater damage restoration in Rowlett, TX, call 469-626-9516.